Left to Right
FRONT ROW - Twiggy, Rene, Lari, April, Pati, Paulette, Buzz
BACK ROW    -  Mouse, Truesie, Bugsy, Paps, Cheri

  • May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You3:26

Junior Counselors were the youngest of the counseling staff.  Junior Counselors were paid staff and performed the same duties of a Senior Counselor.  They, however, were required to meet with the Junior Counselor director on a daily basis while senior staff, only when necessary, reported to the Camp Director. 

Again, thanks to Judy (Foxluger) Naccarella, "Foxie", we have the JCs of 1956 - the first year JCs were part of the staff.

Left to Right
FRONT ROW - Knitty, Whammy, Lynn, April, Hilly, Spaz
BACK ROW  - Rene, Pepper, Lari, Twiggy, Paulette