Without a doubt, Onanda's campers were the icing on the cake.  Their curiosity, inventiveness and energy seemed endless.  Their laughter must linger there yet today...
There were four sessions every summer so these shots represent only ONE session of the possible four for any given year.

Sincere thanks to Marian Hagen's (camper in 1948 and 1949) son Paul for sharing these two wonderful and early staff/camper shots.  

               Thanks to a find that Sue Sage made we now have a camper photo from 1947!

Thanks to Judy (Foxluger) Naccarella we finally have the 1950s officially represented!  Foxie was at camp the

summers of 1953, '54, '55 and '56.  All those summers were spent in Babcock!

If you have a staff or camper picture that isn't on this site we sure hope that you'll share it!  If you can scan it and send it our way, we'd be most grateful and get it up on the site as quickly as possible.

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UNKNOWN specific year - circa late 1960s early 1970s