What's not love about a day to go glen sliding?

So... quiet!  Obviously this is a Camper Arrival Day moment at Onanda.

Trippers on the road

    Father (Cookie) and Mother Inferior (Bugsy) were ever ready to guide and admonish...

Trippers at Herkimer - Jan and Mart

Apples wakes up Lower Camp

Counselors dubbed it the "All-Camp Greaseout."

Not only were our cooks fabulous, they were always a part of special evenings and always joined in the fun

Can you imagine getting a BUS with Green Stamps?!!!  Onanda did just that!

and lowered before supper

Yet another all camp cookout....

Yes, heading home is definitely sad

The flag was raised before breakfast...

                                      Campers called it the "All-Camp Cookout.

Twinkles tries stilts

The hike to Teen Hill cabins could feel endless after a busy day

Evening on Teen Hill

Sami letting off steam?  Sami going ape?

Woody wondering why her picture is being taken

Petie, Rusty and Twiggy - must be Alice in Wonderland,eh

Archery, bows and arrows... not as easy as it looks but campers took to the challenges

​Surely you remember the hectic flow of days at Onanda.  Just enjoy the some of the captured moments that of those summer days at Camp Onanda over the years.

Who knows what this is about!  

Twiggy leaps into action

...and some will become sailors

      Would guess that mom's didn't like the results of glen sliding.... but it was so much fun!

Is that really a traffic cone on Truesie's head?  If so, it begs the question WHY?

Our only shot of the riflery range....  still we have one

See what I mean about our head cook?  Crazy fun!

Rest hour.... yeah, right....

Oh, that dreaded bell!

Apples picking apples of course!

See! This happening happened to Little House


Yes, those were the days of no cell phones or digital cameras that could easily capture the fun and beauty around us.  Still, thanks to so many campers and staff we have quite a collection of summers at Onanda.  Sincere thanks to those of you who took these shots and for sharing them. 

These photos are in no particular order and often without a year.  Just enjoy them! 

OH! If you happened to come upon some photos at home that were hidden away, please send them along. Let's get them up on the site!

Will Tex and Misty stay dry?????

Struggles and Success patiently waiting for sailors.

Nice dive, Nancy!

Moving counselor's belongings to Teen Hill cabins.  Whew!

They fed us well, bless their hearts....

1919 - Arrival location for Onanda campers - yes, they came by steamboat... amazing

Candy and Hilly

Sunrise and time for Polar Bear Swim

Same bus of counselors but opposite side.  :-)

And now, the day begins - no matter what year - days at Onanda were packed with activities that became fond memories.

And... as we scroll through these shots and remember summers at Onanda we are so grateful for the campers and staff who took these pictures.  Thank you all.

Oh, make sure you go through the other pages of pictures too.

Something was always happening at Onanda... we didn't need the sign. :-)

Carnival Day!

Lower Camp campers started each day with the rising sun...

BRANDY Onanda's night guard

Twinkles instructs beginner canoers.

Would these JCs just stop with all that singing!

Camp truck gets a rest.  Whew, again!

That's Splash and the new camp sign.

Trippers resting after a long hike

All play and no work was not the norm - everyone helped to keep the flow and that meant cleaning up after meals

Fuzzy's parents leave her in Onanda's hands.

Off to the Primitive Area.

Teen Hill campers started each day with this incredible view....

Peter giving Mart a lift - rollers?  I mean rollers....  

  • Blowin' In The Wind2:57

                        April, Mart, Splash, Jan and Perk... what are they truly up to?

The songs that flowed from the Lower Camp campfire circle.... remember?

Heading home is sad

How Trippers get up in the morning

Going DOWN the hill is definitely easier...